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    #BMP Jad
    #BMP Jad

    Introduce yourself and tell us about your experiences riding public transport in Lebanon.

    And don’t forget to tell us how you found this website!



    My name is Fatima. I do not live in Lebanon, but I regularly spend my holidays there and rely on clear public transport.
    On my first trip to Dora in the van, it happened that I drove too far because I did not know that I had to make sure not only when boarding, that it is the right van, I also have to tell the driver where I want to get off, since I did not say anything to him, everyone thought I wanted to go to the terminus. Unfortunately, my pronunciation is not so good, who knows what they understood, as I asked the fellow travelers where Dora is. Finally, I had shown my neighbor on where we were, and that Dora was already behind us. He asked the driver to stop. I’ve learned my lesson and later I caught my bus up to Broummana. It was one of the beautiful old buses.

    I received an personal invite, many thanks to Chadi and Jad.

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    Joseph Sayegh

    My name is Joseph. I left Lebanon some years ago but back then, I used to take the public transportation. I rely on it sometimes when I come back.

    One thing that I learned from the beginning: when taking the bus from Dora towards Jounieh, ask the driver if he’s staying on the main highway or taking the seaside road (ba7riye). Some of them take the seaside road next from Fouad Chehab and get back to the highway in Tabarja. If you need to get off somewhere on the highway in Jounieh, you don’t want to be dropped off on the seaside.

    It’s more a tip than a story, but happy to share it with the community!

    #BMP Jad
    #BMP Jad

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve started a thread for tips and tricks quoting you!



    Hey everyone, name’s Alaa Salam. I’ve been using public transport (mainly buses and vans) for the past 18 years (and still do). The main reason is that I hate driving, and cabs are super annoying. My work takes me around Lebanon but mostly in the South region. Thanks to the guys from YallaBus I started looking you guys up on Facebook and now I’m here. Hope I can be of help!!

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