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    My name is Fatima. I do not live in Lebanon, but I regularly spend my holidays there and rely on clear public transport.
    On my first trip to Dora in the van, it happened that I drove too far because I did not know that I had to make sure not only when boarding, that it is the right van, I also have to tell the driver where I want to get off, since I did not say anything to him, everyone thought I wanted to go to the terminus. Unfortunately, my pronunciation is not so good, who knows what they understood, as I asked the fellow travelers where Dora is. Finally, I had shown my neighbor on maps.me where we were, and that Dora was already behind us. He asked the driver to stop. I’ve learned my lesson and later I caught my bus up to Broummana. It was one of the beautiful old buses.

    I received an personal invite, many thanks to Chadi and Jad.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)